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Restaurant Profile: The Nutcracker

Welcome to my food world !

I thought I should start off my blog with one of my all time favourite restaurants. So, here it is.

The Nutcracker, is this cute little restaurant that has a quaint but classy ambience to it. The restaurant has 2 branches in Mumbai – the first being in Bandra, and the second in Fort.

This lovely eatery has a plethora of vegetarian food, so it is a must try for all you vegetarians.

Let me start by showing you my go to food items at Nutcracker, Mumbai.

 French Toast - The Nutcracker
French Toast
Wild Mushrrom Risotto - The Nutcracker
Wild Mushroom Risotto

If you are heading to the Nutcracker for a wholesome breakfast, the dishes that must be tried are the – Buttermilk Belgian Chocolate Pancakes (accompanied with melted butter and maple syrup, which melt away in your mouth) and the Christmas Special French Toast (a delicious well cooked french-toast with dusted sugar and fresh strawberries).

When the clock strikes 12, and you are hungry for lunch – I would suggest to try their yum Wild Mushroom Risotto and the yum Mexican dish that has my heart – The Burrito Bowl.

Lastly, a lovely and light snack time food item would be the Hummus and Pita bread, which is an all time favourite and something you truly cannot go wrong with!

PRO TIP: When you are headed to this restaurant make sure to use your Zomato Gold as they have – 1+1 on food !

Value for money and amazing food. What more could we ask for? Overall, I would rate this restaurant a 4.5 out of 5.

Definitely going back here for some more delicious food.

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