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The Golden City

Hi guys, I hope you’ll have been enjoying my recent posts and continue to do so, because I have a lot that I want to share with you all.

Today, I will be writing about my travel experience in the city of – Amritsar.

As you all must already be knowing, Amritsar is a small little city in the Punjab state of India. The city is very well known for two of its famous sitings – The Golden Temple and the Wagah-Attari Border.

My visit to Amritsar was an extremely short and brief visit of just 1 night and 2 days.

I put myself up in a tiny 3-star hotel that was at a minimal distance of only 300 metres away from the Golden Temple.

The Hotel Regal was a hotel I chose due to its close proximity to the Temple . Also because the rooms were extremely cosy, neat and tidy.

I had an extremely pleasant stay, and I didn’t have any complaints, except for the hotel lying deep inside a narrow lane which made it a little tasking for cabs and cars to penetrate that region.

The Golden Temple Fun Fact: The Golden Temple is a structure that is made of Pure Gold !

The Golden Temple, Amritsar (4pm Afternoon)

So, I entered the Golden Temple, at around 4pm in the afternoon and ended up staying there till 9pm in the evening. From the moment I stepped inside the temple, I was taken forth by positive energies and felt much at ease.

I also was lucky enough to witness the temple, during all 3 light settings. What I must say is that it looked gorgeous and radiated aura at all times of the day.

After looking around the structure, I finally mustered up the courage to wait in the long tedious line, to actually enter the prestigious temple.

PRO TIP: I would suggest hydrating yourself and loading up on some food before standing in this line. It can take upto 2 hours to actually be inside the Golden Temple. (but the wait is absolutely worth it)

So, I did end up waiting in the crowded line for 2 hours, but to see The Golden Temple from the inside was a heart warming experience. The architecture, serenity, positivity was something that I brought back with me, in my treasure chest to Mumbai.

The Golden Temple (After Sunset)

Important TIP: It is very important to remember, to cover your head with a dupatta/scarf at all times for religious reasons.

I really enjoyed my trip to The Golden Temple, Amritsar. If you stay in India, then one Indian wonder you must visit is this one !

The Golden Temple (The Night Setting)

Lastly, you can tell me which setting of the Golden Temple you found the prettiest and also share your experiences in the comments section below.

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