The Journey Begins Here:

Meghna Shahani

Hi, I am an aspiring blogger, food lover, travel enthusiast and a dancer for the rest of time. I am also the heart behind follow my footsteps. Starting my own blog has always been my dream, and I hope you all help me excel at it – Meghna Shahani

Nimit Kapoor

Hey there, I am a travel photographer, a writer, and also the brains behind this blog ! I will be experimenting my hand at SEO, Blog development and sharing some of my creative work with you all too – Nimit Kapoor

We have started our own lifestyle blog, to share the knack of writing, the love for food, and our dream of travelling the world with each and every one of you all.

We hope you enjoy reading my content, just as much as we love sharing it with you all.

Followmyfootsteps 👣

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